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In chapter 11 of “Unshackled, From Ruin to Redemption” I share how my friendship with Henry began.

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How can something become so out of control? How can an Institution go from smooth running to total chaos in just minutes as I write about in my book Unshackled?

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That night still remains vivid in my mind.

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The other day I ordered Internet service which was new to me. Spectrum sent me a modem, a router, a bunch of wires, numerous AC adapters and a couple instruction pamphlets.

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The past few weeks have been the most heart-breaking and yet the most fruitful moments since my release from a Life Sentence in April 2012.

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There’s not a single event, nor will there ever be that God will not use to further His Kingdom, once it passes through the Sovereign hands of Jesus.

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Some years ago, as I read over a favorite scripture in the Bible – one I memorized, quoted and studied out. The Holy Spirit said, “You don’t believe it.

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Occasionally, I find myself flooded with thoughts of the numerous people who have influenced my life over the years. From Larry Titus, to Warner, and even Clyde.

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The morning I received Christ as Savior in the Chapel at SCI-Camp Hill, something tangible occurred within me. Something changed my life.

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As a teen without transportation, I learned how to hitch-hike rides. I would often visit a girlfriend who lived twenty miles away.

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