Everybody Needs A Henry!

Chapter 11 (pp. 187-197)
John 5:31-47

In chapter 11 of “Unshackled, From Ruin to Redemption” I share how my friendship with Henry began. He offered some good advice to our struggling Quarterback as our football team practiced out in the prison yard. Although we both struggled and searched for satisfaction using drugs, we both came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and the eternal life we all crave. Henry’s constant encouragement in my life and his ability to affirm the ministry I was doing during our long confinement was extremely necessary. He may never know this side of heaven the impact his affirming words made when I was discouraged.

Jesus gave us a few examples of who affirmed His ministry. He said John the Baptist testified of His truthfulness. The very works He did spoke louder than any voice. The Father in heaven and the Scriptures affirmed and testified just how impactful Jesus was. While we ought to live like Jesus for the approval of our heavenly Father, there is nothing like a pat on the back saying “Great job!”

I hope God places a Henry in your life like He did for me. Be encouraged for Jesus is the reason for the season.