God is LOVE!

By October 3, 2017 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 pages 150-151

Luke 6:27-28 & Romans 14:17

There’s not a single event, nor will there ever be that God will not use to further His Kingdom, once it passes through the Sovereign hands of Jesus. In my book Unshackled, From Ruin to Redemption, I write about an experience that enslaved me for years.

The ability to overcome came when the Holy Spirit reminded me of God’s Word to treat those who hurt us differently so the character of our heavenly Father can be revealed in His sons and daughters. Bless them! Love them! Do something good for them! Pray for them! Not exactly my first thought but it is God’s. Because God is Love, He treats us this way. He knows love never fails. Are there areas of pain, shame, and guilt lingering in your life? I encourage you to place them all before Jesus today. He has never failed and His love ensures He won’t.

Here’s a short prayer to get started:

Lord Jesus, because you died and rose again for me I can trust you with ________________ please help me overcome my past and walk into my new future which is your Kingdom, that is your righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

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