His Story

is a story of God’s love, forgiveness
and freedom, bringing hope to all

His Story

is a story of God’s love, forgiveness
and freedom, bringing hope to all


Gene McGuire’s life has all the elements of an odyssey: tragedy and hope, bondage and freedom, punishment and forgiveness. The circumstances he’s faced may not be universal, but the lessons he has learned certainly are.
Gene does more than motivational speaking; he lives the inspiration.


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Everybody needs a Henry!

| Chapter 11 | No Comments
Chapter 11 pages 187-197 John 5:31-47 In chapter 11 of "Unshackled, From Ruin to Redemption" I share how my friendship with Henry began. He offered some good advice to our…

Out of Control

| Chapter 10 | No Comments
Chapter 10 pages 174-183 1 Peter 5:5 How can something become so out of control? How can an Institution go from smooth running to total chaos in just minutes as…

The Riot

| Chapter 10 | No Comments
Chapter 10 pages 167-173 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 That night still remains vivid in my mind. It wasn't a single act or some radical moment that stands out, but that I…


“When Gene speaks to our employees about his time in prison a dramatic hush falls over the room. His testimony revealed in this book shows God’s hand, freeing him from a life sentence with no chance of freedom. His powerful story compels others to recognize the tragedy in their own lives and permits them to move beyond their own past.”

Paul Vinyard
Owner, Babe’s Chicken Dinner House, Bubba’s Cooks Country, Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes

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“I’m pleased to recommend Unshackled to you. Gene’s is a powerful testimony of how our God’s love pursues, how His mercy heals, and how His grace translates ruins to redemption. It’s the story of a man set free! And he whom the Son sets free … is free indeed!”

Greg Laurie, PastorHarvest Christian Fellowship, Evangelist, Harvest Crusades

"Perhaps nobody understands or appreciates freedom as much as Gene McGuire—not because he was locked up for almost 35 years, but because he experienced the freedom that only Christ can bring, even while still behind bars. Now that he has been released from prison, he is able to share the truths that enable all of us to experience greater emotional and spiritual freedom."

James Robison, FounderLIFE Outreach International

“Riveting, captivating and compelling—the authentic life of Gene McGuire. Unshackled is far more than just the heart-wrenching story of a man who served 35 years in prison for another man’s crime. It is a testimony of God’s grace coupled with discipleship 101 to 401. Read it and be impacted.”

Larry Titus, PresidentKingdom Global Ministries

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