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Could one person make a difference in our society? With total confidence, I say, “YES!

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I think you’d agree that only a handful of people make a lifetime impression on us. My Mother was one of these people in my life.

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Like you, I’ve watched hundreds of movies and have heard numerous accounts of robberies that have taken place and as you know by now, I had shamefully participated in one myself as a teen.

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One of my best friends called me from prison the other day. You remember Warner aka “Big Moses” from my book “Unshackled.

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Towards the end of my incarceration, a fellow inmate told me he didn’t believe God existed.

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Pastor Larry Titus, of Kingdom Global was instrumental in my salvation.

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In Chapter 4 of my book Unshackled, I wrote about my friend Scott because I quickly saw great potential the first day I met him.

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Running to the LORD with my difficulties proved God’s faithfulness every time. The LORD has never once disappointed me.

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To this very day, I remember the sound of my cell door SLAMMING SHUT and locking behind me. Even the echo it made throughout the cellblock.

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Did you know God made you unbelievably gifted and uniquely designed to do what no other person can? You really are AWESOME!

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