Chapter 7 (pp. 121-135)
Romans 10:9-10

The morning I received Christ as Savior in the Chapel at SCI-Camp Hill, something tangible occurred within me. Something changed my life. I was a different person after that prayer.

In Unshackled, From Ruin to Redemption, I share a dozen pages about making a commitment to live for Jesus Christ. Here are a few tangible to count on after receiving Christ as Savior: 1) You desire to read the Bible. 2) You want to Pray. 3) You fellowship with others who know the Savior. 4) You desire to share your personal experience with others so they too can know the Savior.

Would you ask the Holy Spirit for divine appointments and opportunities to encourage others this week towards a relationship with Christ? We are still their best testimony to know this awesome Savior.