Determination is Essential

Chapter 6 (pp. 117-118)
1 Corinthians 9:24-27 & Philippians 4:13

As a teen without transportation, I learned how to hitch-hike rides. I would often visit a girlfriend who lived twenty miles away. I was successful half the time recalling the frigid winter nights along the narrows, and the long, dark, winding roads I walked and jogged, especially around Lake Winola. I was motivated by love and determined to get there – no matter what it took. Ten years into my incarceration I became a follower of Christ. Motivated by His love I was determined to live for Him. I knew Jesus died for me, so I would live for Him.

Some of the ways I did this were:

I was determined to read my Bible and Pray.

I was determined to walk in fellowship with other believers.

I was determined to run to the cross with every failure and not live in guilt.

I was determined to lift my voice, softly and other time loudly, to worship in spite of my circumstances.

I was determined to tell others what Jesus had done for me.

I was determined to disciple other men.

I was determined to listen to the Holy Spirit whose ministry is to lead and guide us.

I hope they encourage you as you determine to serve Jesus where you’re at. Have a great week and share this with anyone you desire. If you wish to purchase a copy of Unshackled, click HERE.