Out of Control

Chapter 10 (pp. 174-183)
1 Peter 5:5

How can something become so out of control?

How can an Institution go from smooth running to total chaos in just minutes as I write about in my book Unshackled?

How can life change all of a sudden?

There isn’t an answer that fits all, but I am convinced God is unchanging and unshaken by any sudden emergency in our lives. He is Sovereign. Because of the impact of Adam’s original sin, we may have to suffer circumstances of it. While God forgives our sins, he also provides the grace to continue to live life in spite of the painful consequences that may manifest. God’s grace empowers us to walk through, not around the circumstance.

Recently, I met this young precious and successful family whose baby boy developed a special need. It was life-threatening and altered their everyday existence. The grace of God was at work in this beautiful family. Although unbelievably painful, they are able to live one day at a time. More like one hour at a time as the boy’s Mother put it. I agreed with her and if you’re like me in any way, God’s grace gets us through each day leaving a favorable impression as to who He is. While God resists pride, His grace flows unrestrained where there is humility. I like to describe true humility through my dependence on Jesus for everything I need in life. A great place to start our day is knowing we are totally dependent on Him.

Be encouraged knowing God is Sovereign and grace is available.