The Riot

Chapter 10 (pp. 167-173)
1 Corinthians 13:4-8

That night still remains vivid in my mind. It wasn’t a single act or some radical moment that stands out, but that I was in the middle of one of the worst prison riots in the United States and walked through it untouched. While so many thoughts ran through my head the moment it when it all begun, the explosion of violence and mayhem erupted, the one thing that anchored me was my relationship with Christ. He didn’t exactly tell me what to do when I prayed, “O LORD Help Us and Protect Us and Others in Danger,” I just knew instinctively I was to walk in love. Walk in Love even in the midst of a prison riot where twenty staff-members were cuffed, blindfolded and taken hostage, over a hundred people seriously injured and millions of dollars in damage due to set fires that burned for days.

That may not be everyone’s first thought but because of the Word of God inside me, I had this deep conviction that Love would best direct my decisions. God’s never failed before, ever! Today as I go through difficult events of seasons, I am quick to recall past victories. While we may have to walk through mayhem we can be confident that God is Faithful and Love never Fails. I hope you’ll memorize this verse so when troubles come it will remind you what to do.