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Have you seen people wearing t-shirts or with tattoos displaying the words: “NO REGRETS?

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I was recently reflecting back over the difficult times I shared about in Chapter Three of my book – Unshackled.

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There’s no way to change the past, yet many of us live our lives trying to or at least dwelling on it. While we may be filled with disappointment, God’s grace allows us to maneuver through it.

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I was at a car dealership last year where I was immediately confronted by an energetic, fast-talking salesperson.

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Recently I was asked, “Why does God allow so much pain to occur in our lives?” I paused before responding sensing she was struggling with pain in her own life.

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Have you ever told an innocent lie? Is that even possible?

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We often pattern our lives after what we see in others. I wrestled with that thought after my arrest for the murder my cousin committed.

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I’ve had the blessing of speaking to groups all around the county, where I share about the faithfulness of God, I witnessed during my thirty-five years in prison.

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In my book I write about wondering the streets of New York City aimlessly while my cousin shot drugs in various drug infested rooms with strangers.

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As a child, I remember my family attended Catholic Mass each week.

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