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Meet Gene

Gene in front of an audience speaking

Every person on the planet wants to feel as though their life has meaning, that things happen for a reason.

Motivational speaker Gene McGuire helps people understand what it looks like to live a life of intentionality, to live life on purpose.

Gene’s ability to inspire comes from his own life experiences, most of you which you probably wouldn’t want to share. When he speaks to a group, he’s not theorizing or waxing philosophical; he’s sharing elements of his personal story and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

That being said, time doesn’t allow him to share absolutely everything with every group. Narrow the focus of his talk by choosing from one of the topics below when you invite him to speak.


Overcoming the Past and Creating the Future

The past doesn’t have to define you. Stop allowing it to hold you back. Move forward with purpose.

Faithfulness and Thankfulness

How these two words can change everything about your life and its direction.

Gene's Personal Testimony

Hear Gene’s story of redemption and faithfulness, and how he overcame circumstances outside of his control by surrendering to Christ.

Entitlement In Prison

A powerful message for teens and how Gene felt entitled in prison.

Real Men Make Commitments

What Gene committed to 9½ years into a lifetime prison sentence, and what YOU should commit to TODAY as a MAN. How to remain committed and recommitting. An incredible message for men to rally and commit!

Finding Ultimate Freedom

How Gene found freedom 25 years before he was released from prison.

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Gene will teach, energize and motivate you to a new life of intentionality!

You and your audience will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and life! His story will make you laugh, cry and make you think about what really matters in life.

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