Tell the Truth

Chapter 2 (pp. 23-26)
John 8:31-32

Have you ever told an innocent lie? Is that even possible? I was recently visiting a local church, when a wildly dressed gentleman asked my opinion of his outfit. Colors didn’t match, way too loud for even the most eccentric of dressers, and he asks “so what do you think?” Without skipping a beat, I began to gloat over how great his clothing choice was. I even asked where he shopped as though I’d planned on heading right over to pick up the same outfit for myself. I chose a compliment over robbing him of his confidence. This conversation stuck with me as I pondered the question of truth.

In Chapter 2 of Unshackled, I vividly recall my mother telling me to “be honest” as I was about to be interrogated by police detectives. “Just tell them the truth,” she said. I remember feeling so horrible about the crime and deeply ashamed that I was in that situation. So, when question by detective, I did just as she’d told me. I told the truth. It was like a huge weight being lifted off me and I felt free. In the worst time of my life and in the most serious situation I had ever been in, I felt FREE.

While in prison, I repented, told God the TRUTH and accepted Jesus Christ into my life. I admitted to Him that I was a sinner and unable to live a good life without Him in my heart, (Ephesians 2:8) and in need of a Savior. (Romans 10:9-10) I held nothing back! The results were unbelievable! I gained a clean conscience and a pure heart to serve God and others. Jesus taught us that His Words are the very source of truth. (John 17:17) Holding to them is key to our freedom. (John 8:31-32) His Words are the source of creation (John 1:3).

Pray with me that there is an increase of God’s Word in our lives. Reading the Bible creates the atmosphere to know God and is the plumb line that aligns us to His will. God’s Word is accurate and true for all circumstances especially in this ever-changing world we live.