Why is There So Much Pain?

Chapter 2 (pp. 26-30)
1 John 4:8; Lamentations 3:22-23; John 10:10

Recently I was asked, “Why does God allow so much pain to occur in our lives?” I paused before responding sensing she was struggling with pain in her own life. I told her I didn’t have an answer but did have some personal convictions which helps me process pain in a positive way. I shared, I believe pain allows us the chance to express His love to others. God IS LOVE (1 John 4:8) So when I chose to Love others, I become more like God. Second, God can use pain. He used it as His only Son died on a cross to bring about this greatest gift of all time, SALVATION. God’s not the author of pain but He can make sense out of it. In fact, Jesus was never exempt from pain but chose to express love and mercy toward those who inflicted it on him.

As I shared in my book Unshackled, my family life was filled with painful memories. While God was not honored in our home, I never heard anyone blame him. So often our own selfish decisions cause enough pain, and of course some is just a part of this sinful world we live in. God is NEVER THE AUTHOR OF CONFUSION. The Bible reminds us, “Satan come to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus comes to give Life and Life more abundant.” (John 10:10)

I noticed when I began honoring God I began experiencing His Goodness and Mercies that flowed new every morning. Spending time each day in the Bible convinced me God has awesome plans for those He calls his children. Plans to prosper and not to harm us and give us hope for the future. God is LOVE and He desires the Abundant Life for all who trust Him.

No matter the difficulty in your life or the pain you are feeling, I’d like to encourage you to trust in the LORD with me? Can you say out loud,”GOD IS LOVE. GOD IS FAITHFUL. GOD IS IN CONTROL.” God can redeem the worst of circumstances. Pray this short prayer with me: “Heavenly Father, help me to trust and understand your divine purpose as I walk through this difficult and painful time. That in the end, you will be glorified by me and allow my pain to strengthen and encourage others who are witnessing my faith in action. In Jesus Name. Amen!”