The Company you keep

By May 9, 2017Chapter 1

Chapter 1, Pages 16-19

1 Cor. 11:1 & 1 Cor. 15:33

We often pattern our lives after what we see in others. I wrestled with that thought after my arrest for the murder my cousin committed. My thoughts turned to that horrible summer night after my arrest as I share in my book Unshackled. Murder, robbery, prostitutes, pimps, drugs and fleeing the police were the consequences that followed my decisions to hangout out with cousin. I had no business being with him in a bar at seventeen, yet I valued my cousin’s attention, his athleticism, his confidence, how he cared about my family. I’m convinced we are drawn to what we hold as valuable. Unfortunately, I didn’t recognize the difference between a good role models and a fake, until it was too late.

Today, my focus is on Jesus. The ultimate role model, and the one who died and rose again FOR ME and FOR YOU!! He thought I was worth His life and he gave it freely. The Bible teaches that we should pattern after those who pattern after Christ. (1 Corinthians 11:1). The Apostle Paul also stated, “Bad company corrupts good character.” I am excited that my worth comes from knowing Jesus and He thought I was worth his life. This gives me great motivation and courage to live for Him. Let this be our prayer this week, Father I want to glorify your name on earth so others will have an accurate view and believe in the one you sent. In Jesus name, amen.

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