Chaos & Confusion

Chapter 1 (pp. 9-14)
Isaiah 9:6 & Psalm 119:105

In my book I write about wondering the streets of New York City aimlessly while my cousin shot drugs in various drug infested rooms with strangers. Chaos and confusion marked my steps and filled my mind. I was complete lost and had no plan. I still recall how nervous and uncertain I was feeling about the direction of my life.

This week I have the privilege to visit Israel for the first time where we toured towns of Nazareth, Jerusalem and even Bethlehem, which might surprise many to know it’s occupied by Palestinian Muslims and our Messianic Guide was not permitted to take us beyond the large wall at the checkpoint. Not only are seeing the historical places using our local guide, but in the evening we have used google maps and GPS to discover the heart beat of Jerusalem’s market, Mahane Yehuda. While seeing dozens of historical sites we are also visiting the local markets. Without clear direction by Elaina, Nicole and Liana, my new friends, we would have no clue how to get to our desired locations.

It’s God’s will we walk by faith in His Word. Psalm 119:105 says, “My Word is like a lamp unto my feet and a light to my path.” While we are to walk by faith, He promises us His peace and His Word gives us plenty of light for the direction He leads us in.