Our future is ahead of us, not behind

Chapter 3 (pp. 39-47)
Isaiah 43:18; 2 Corinthians 5:21; 2 Cor. 4:17

There’s no way to change the past, yet many of us live our lives trying to or at least dwelling on it. While we may be filled with disappointment, God’s grace allows us to maneuver through it. Our past experiences, no matter how painful, became a resource of wisdom. I’ve learned to ask God, “what can I learn from my past?” With this very attitude, my past difficulties become the path to growing in Him (2 Cor. 4:17).

As a teen facing homicide charges. I remember telling my attorney the horrific details of the crime and the decisions I made to follow my cousin in that bar on that late summer night. Afterwards, those dreaded “What if’s” and “If onlys” arguments played out in my head. While the consequences were severe, being honest was liberating. There is nothing in life God can’t redeem and use for His glory. The Bible says, Satan has no redeeming value because he’s been judged and condemned, but the good news is WE HAVE NOT (John 16:11).

Here is the greatest hope for today; Jesus has been judged for us so now we can live for Him. I am so glad I surrendered my life to Jesus. Whatever we give back to HIM, He uses to perfect His plans and purposes in our lives. Therefore, we CAN NOT fail. Is there anything in your past you’ve struggled with? I encourage you to hand it ALL over to the LORD and anticipate HIS redeeming power, as He makes sense out your past to be part of your story for today. Blessings my friends.