Relationships are better than Religion

Chapter 6 (pp. 105-110)
Romans 8:1-4

I think you’d agree that only a handful of people make a lifetime impression on us. My Mother was one of these people in my life. Her relationship with Jesus brought much joy and purpose to her life. “From pain to praise” would best describe her life after meeting Jesus. In chapter six of my book “Unshackled,” I shared some thoughts about the impression she left on me.

The first time mom met Warner, aka Big Moses, she told him, “you could easily be my son.” That may seem like a routine statement to many of you, but to Big Moses, it meant the world. He probably hadn’t heard words of affirmation like this in a very long time, if ever. She said it with some honesty and conviction and he believed it. She treated him as her own son for the rest of her earthly life.

I remember the time she listened to my friend Ricky, a fellow lifer, confessed he was struggling with “religion” and the “whole God thing.” She looked him straight in the eyes and said, “Ricky, it’s not about religion! It’s all about a relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s only through Him that you will find the greatest joy and purpose for your life.” Mom always had a way of speaking truth that never came off as self-righteous. A year later Ricky informed me that he had accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He shared that the words my mom spoke to him were instrumental in his decision.

When I was a young believer my mother said to me, “Eugene, every experience you go through is not about YOUR sin. Jesus died once and for all so you could enjoy His life in you and walk in victory.” From that point on, the condemnation I had lived with was replaced with God’s acceptance. Her time with Jesus still influences my life today. God was glorified through her remaining years, leaving a beautiful testimony of God’s love to those who knew her.

Isaiah 43:7 says we were created for God’s glory. There is no better place to be today than in God’s will. I pray you have a blessed week and know our words or encouragement and truth have a long lasting impression on the people the Lord puts in our path. God Bless you.