Born Again

Chapter 4 (pp. 65-73)
John 3:3-5

In Chapter 4 of my book Unshackled, I wrote about my friend Scott because I quickly saw great potential the first day I met him. Initially, many of my friends were uncomfortable around his inflated ego and sarcastic attitude. Yet I knew almost instantly that God had a plan for him as He had with me.

I recall this discussion we had about Jesus’ words: “Unless one is born again you cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

Scott, an extremely intelligent guy, asked what being “Born Again” meant? I realized, in spite of attending church each week, Scott may not be. Over the next few years I prayed and walked with him, and demonstrated God’s love the best I could. Scott eventually surrendered his life to Jesus and began to grow in his faith. His conversion was dramatic. The Lord replaced his arrogant and sarcastic attitude with the one full of love and understanding.

Through my incarceration, Scott was incredibly important to my ministry. He remains incarcerated today, and serves as the Chaplain’s Assistant ministering daily to other prisoners. His meek and gentle manner permits him to serve the men at the prison with incredible effectiveness. He also leads Bible Studies each week. I had the privilege of watching the Holy Spirit transform this obnoxious guy, with lots of rough edges into a man after Gods own heart, who walks in love.

Scott sacrifices his time and resources to disciple men at the prison, that they might know Jesus also. While Scott continues to serve a Life Sentence without the possibility of parole, he continues to serve Jesus with the commitment to love others into the kingdom of God. He is one of the four men I am committed to supporting spiritually and financially. Please pray for Scott this week, to be even more effective in sharing the gospel message.