You Can Trust God’s Word

Chapter 4 (pp. 61-64)
Psalm 105:16-22; Genesis 37-50

To this very day, I remember the sound of my cell door SLAMMING SHUT and locking behind me. Even the echo it made throughout the cellblock. At the time, it was my daily reminder that I wasn’t getting out.

In the beginning of chapter four of my book Unshackled, I realized others faced similar circumstances and I wasn’t alone. Years later, when I become a Christian, I learned to live and grow in my faith. Faith in what God says in His Word over whatever my circumstances I may be in.

During my incarceration, I would confess God’s Word over my life, and eventually taught other men to do the same. The Bible is full of men and women who set biblical examples for us to follow. One of my favorites was Joseph in Genesis 37-50. He held on to God’s Word during his imprisonment as shared in Psalm 105:19-20. Joseph served God where he was planted until that time God raised up a king to release him. Unlike my circumstances, Joseph was completely innocent of the charges, yet he trusted the LORD and grew strong where God had planted him. Because he trusted God’s Word, others saw the goodness of the LORD. His example encourages me to trust the LORD also and serve God’s purposes there in prison. A wise person told me, “Grow where God plants you and don’t worry when He dumps some fertilizer around you.”

I encourage you to focus on the LORD and trust His Word over whatever your circumstances are today. These trials are what builds our faith. God’s Word is more powerful than your circumstances. When He said, “I am the LORD, the God of all mankind, is anything too hard for me?” I’m totally convinced HE meant it! Have a wonderful 4th of July – GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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