You’re Unbelievable.

Chapter 3 (pp. 50-57)
Isaiah 43:7; John 3:3,6 & Ephesians 2:10

Did you know God made you unbelievably gifted and uniquely designed to do what no other person can? You really are AWESOME!!

It’s not what we have heard or what has been done that matters most, but what we chose to hear today from the Lord. I often hear people recite their “less than perfect” circumstances over and over. Those words have the ability to beat us down emotionally and keep us in a state of defeat. Here is something to hold on to, Faith is always positive…Always!

In my book Unshackled, I recalled hearing the following statements:

“This court sentences you to State Prison for the rest of your natural Life,” “I’m going to place these ankle shackles on you,” “Welcome to the State Correctional Institution at Camp Hill,” “This is your new identification number AK4192.”

Those statements began to shape my young life, until I committed my life to Jesus Christ and learned God had other plans. Three verses that really helped me through this time were, Isiah 43:7 God created me for His Glory, which in short says I was created to bring others an accurate account of who God is leaving a favorable opinion. John 3:3, 6 I was Born Again (pretty much says it all) and Ephesians 2:10 I was crafted perfectly in Jesus Christ to do good works which have been prepared in advance.

No matter what you’ve heard about your life, God has something better to say today. I encourage you to meditate on God’s promises for you. Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit to refresh your perspective.

Do you know someone who might be encouraged by this devotion? If so, please share it so they can see they aren’t along and more importantly, that Jesus is the answer.