Chapter 9

God’s Will

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Chapter 9 pages 163-164

John 5:19,30; John 6:38; Luke 1:37

The other day I ordered Internet service which was new to me. Spectrum sent me a modem, a router, a bunch of wires, numerous AC adapters and a couple instruction pamphlets. Simply opening the box made me sweat. I stepped back, took a breath and began with the Instructions. Before I knew it, I had successfully connected the entire system. I did so by following the Instructions. Thank you Spectrum for picture illustrations. In my book Unshackled, I wrote about two State Senators who wanted to discuss possible answers to Prison Overcrowding in the late 1980’s. Their immediate response was to build more prisons and over the next few years, they built many.

While confinement is a temporary answer for the violent and dangerous, it’s never changed a soul. It wasn’t the answer to solve overcrowding. The Bible states that the heart of man is “deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” If more prisons aren’t the ANSWER what is? The Bible has NEVER failed a life lived by its Instructions. A man who submits to God’s Word cannot fail in life. The Bible has produced more fruitful men and women than all other sources combined. Jesus made the Father’s instructions the priority for His life. John 5:19,30 & 6:38. He was consumed with doing the Father’s will. Because He did so, He now reigns LORD and KING of ALL. With so many good options available, ONLY ONE can promise no failures, that’s God’s Word. Luke 1:37 To ensure our lives have a divine purpose and work by design, we must follow the Instructions. The Word of God promises us the ability to know the will of God. Have a great week and share this with others who might be encouraged.

God’s Perfect Timing

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Chapter 9 pages 160-163

Galatians 4:4

The past few weeks have been the most heart-breaking and yet the most fruitful moments since my release from a Life Sentence in April 2012. My beautiful sister Mary Teresa recently passed away from cancer two days after arriving in Pennsylvania for a week-long speaking schedule. My sister had responded in a text to my itinerary the week before arriving, “Wow, you are a busy guy for sure.” Looking back over the trip I am reminded of a few things. First, God’s timing is absolutely perfect. Being IN God’s will, also means you’re IN line with His divine schedule. So the verse is true, “ALL things are working together for the good,..” Romans 8:28 While Mary and I had breakfast plans for Monday, God had a better plan for her. To be made whole in the presence of her Lord and Savior is truly better. With my family devastated and lonely from her absence, God’s Amazing Grace flowed just like Elvis’ rendition which Mary requested to be played at her memorial. Secondly, in the pain of her absence, God’s plan was accomplished, with very unique moments to remember as family gathered in support. While I couldn’t be physically present at Jillian and Eric’s planned wedding on Saturday, my friend Bill Nast officiated the wedding on location at Grace and Glory Outreach. He and Karen were able to FaceTime me at the hospital during the ceremony, where at the end I pronounce Jillian and Eric, “Husband and Wife!” With her photography artistry, Jordyn @jordynraephotography was able to capture that moment while they held onto the iPhone. Thank you so much for everyone’s prayers and words of comfort over the past few weeks, I know the presence of God was near. Thank you to everyone who supported and continues to be there for the family. Joe, Mark, and Stephanie have the most unique and amazing friends I’ve ever met. While nothing can replace my Mary’s presence as a Mother and Wife of 35 years, the memories we have of her 55 years on earth will live forever in our minds.