Chapter 5

Let’s Influence Others for Jesus

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Chapter 5 pages 87-92

2 Corinthians 2:15

James 1:5

One of my best friends called me from prison the other day. You remember Warner aka “Big Moses” from my book “Unshackled.” He would get up before everyone and singing loudly, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee, Grant It, Jesus Is My Plea.” Then shout, “Get up and praise the LORD,” which would wake everyone up on the cellblock. He shared that he’s doing great and continues to serve and grown where God planted him. He is still hoping to be reunited with his family one day if his parole is granted. If you think of him this week, ask God’s favor on him as he ministers.

Among the many things Big Moses imparted on me as a young Christian, besides the hundreds of Hymnal songs he knew by heart, was that, “God places people in your life for a season, a reason or a life time.” That statement was perfectly timed. God had been using Pastor Larry to introduce me to many people from his church. Some I spoke with over the phone, others through letters and many would actually come to the prison to minister to me. A few like Rob Meier, Marty and Natalie Williams, spent over twenty years visiting me and have become life-long friends.

God works in seasons, for a reason and over our life time. James 1:5 says,

“If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.”
James 1:5

I am totally convinced those I meet today have an eternal significance in my life, even if it’s for a season. I just need to trust and recognize His purposes through prayer.

Manifesting His Presence

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Chapter 5 pages 84-87

1 John 1:1-3

1 John 4:4

Towards the end of my incarceration, a fellow inmate told me he didn’t believe God existed. Without skipping a beat I responded with, “I’ll prove to you there is a God and will show you He loves and has a plan for your life.” This statement came out so quickly I actually surprised myself. The skeptical look on his face told me he wasn’t buying it. Yet out of curiosity he asked, “How do you plan on doing that?”, and I replied “Come hang out with me for a week and I’ll prove to you that God exists.”

Those words may have been out of desperation to save him from a Christless eternity but nevertheless, I meant it. Later he asked how could I make such a bold statement. I explained as the Father manifested himself to us through Christ, we are to manifest His Son to others as John describes in 1 John 1:1-4. The word “manifest” describes being recognizable, and suggests a visibility that gives the observer the ability to define what is seen. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit and His Word, we will manifest God’s loving nature to others so they can know the Father and His only Son Jesus Christ whom He sent. Be encouraged today in knowing:

“Greater is HE in you than he that is in this world.”

1 John 4:4

Authority Builds Us Up

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Chapter 5 pages 77-84

Romans 13:1-2; 2

Corinthians 8:10 & 13:10

Pastor Larry Titus, of Kingdom Global was instrumental in my salvation. He shared with me during one of his many visits with me while in Prison, “If you don’t respect authority, God will never permit you to operate in it.” Those words hit me like a Grip-Rite, 16-Penny, Steel Coated Sinker Nail, and it stuck! While authority has been abused by parents, governmental leaders, and yes even church officials the LORD clearly intended it to be used to build people up and never to tear down.

2 Corinthians 10:8 says, we can see how the God-Head establishes the principle of authority. The Son only does the Father’s will and the Holy Spirit speaks only what He hears from the Father and the Son.

In chapter five of my book Unshackled, I shared about my rebelliousness towards authority. Having God’s perspective on this topic brought liberty and enabled me to submit. It wasn’t until I did this that He began to use me to make a difference for the Kingdom. So, whether it’s swearing at a Correction Officer making his nightly rounds or driving 20 mph over the speed limit on I35N in Texas, violating authority has its consequences. But when submitted and obedient, your life on earth will carry the authority of heaven to earth, building others up, seeing them reach their fullest potential. God Bless you.