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The Riot

That night still remains vivid in my mind. It wasn’t a single act or some radical moment that stands out, but that I was in the middle of one of the worst prison riots in the United States and walked through it untouched. While so many thoughts ran through my head the moment it when it all begun, the explosion of violence and mayhem erupted, the one thing that anchored me was my relationship with Christ. He didn’t exactly tell …

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God’s Will

The other day I ordered Internet service which was new to me. Spectrum sent me a modem, a router, a bunch of wires, numerous AC adapters and a couple instruction pamphlets. Simply opening the box made me sweat. I stepped back, took a breath and began with the Instructions. Before I knew it, I had successfully connected the entire system. I did so by following the Instructions. Thank you Spectrum for picture illustrations. In my book Unshackled, I wrote about …

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God’s Perfect Timing

The past few weeks have been the most heart-breaking and yet the most fruitful moments since my release from a Life Sentence in April 2012. My beautiful sister, Mary Teresa, recently passed away from cancer two days after arriving in Pennsylvania for a week-long speaking schedule. My sister had responded in a text to my itinerary the week before arriving, “Wow, you are a busy guy for sure.” Looking back over the trip I am reminded of a few things. …

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