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Making a Difference

Could one person make a difference in our society? With total confidence, I say, “YES!” When God started humanity He created Adam. When He re-started humanity, He chose Noah. When God started the nations, He chose elderly Abram. When redeeming mankind from the work of the devil, He sent the God-man, Jesus Christ. Jesus brought the nature and power of heaven to earth and gave it to us and has been transforming lives ever since. In chapter six of my …

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Relationships are better than Religion

I think you’d agree that only a handful of people make a lifetime impression on us. My Mother was one of these people in my life. Her relationship with Jesus brought much joy and purpose to her life. “From pain to praise” would best describe her life after meeting Jesus. In chapter six of my book “Unshackled,” I shared some thoughts about the impression she left on me. The first time mom met Warner, aka Big Moses, she told him, …

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Somebody robbed the prison

Like you, I’ve watched hundreds of movies and have heard numerous accounts of robberies that have taken place and as you know by now, I had shamefully participated in one myself as a teen. In my book “Unshackled,” I mention the inmates at the SCI Camp Hill Prison who broke through a concrete wall and robbed the prison Commissary. Many of us stood scratching our heads in disbelief just like the authorities at how they could have done it. After …

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Let’s Influence Others for Jesus

One of my best friends called me from prison the other day. You remember Warner aka “Big Moses” from my book “Unshackled.” He would get up before everyone and singing loudly, “Just a Closer Walk With Thee, Grant It, Jesus Is My Plea.” Then shout, “Get up and praise the LORD,” which would wake everyone up on the cellblock. He shared that he’s doing great and continues to serve and grown where God planted him. He is still hoping to …

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Manifesting His Presence

Towards the end of my incarceration, a fellow inmate told me he didn’t believe God existed. Without skipping a beat I responded with, “I’ll prove to you there is a God and will show you He loves and has a plan for your life.” This statement came out so quickly I actually surprised myself. The skeptical look on his face told me he wasn’t buying it. Yet out of curiosity he asked, “How do you plan on doing that?”, and …

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