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Authority Builds Us Up

Pastor Larry Titus, of Kingdom Global was instrumental in my salvation. He shared with me during one of his many visits with me while in Prison, “If you don’t respect authority, God will never permit you to operate in it.” Those words hit me like a Grip-Rite, 16-Penny, Steel Coated Sinker Nail, and it stuck! While authority has been abused by parents, governmental leaders, and yes even church officials the LORD clearly intended it to be used to build people …

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Born Again

In Chapter 4 of my book Unshackled, I wrote about my friend Scott because I quickly saw great potential the first day I met him. Initially, many of my friends were uncomfortable around his inflated ego and sarcastic attitude. Yet I knew almost instantly that God had a plan for him as He had with me. I recall this discussion we had about Jesus’ words: “Unless one is born again you cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3 Scott, …

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Never Give Up!

Running to the LORD with my difficulties proved God’s faithfulness every time. The LORD has never once disappointed me. Say this with me: “GOD IS FAITHFUL AND HE WILL NEVER DISAPPOINT ME!” While God could have changed my circumstances, He chose not to. And going through what I did, caused me to change. His grace afforded me an attitude that difficulties were designed to strengthen me. Nothing occurs in life without His approval, so why get too anxious? He is …

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You Can Trust God’s Word

To this very day, I remember the sound of my cell door SLAMMING SHUT and locking behind me. Even the echo it made throughout the cellblock. At the time, it was my daily reminder that I wasn’t getting out. In the beginning of chapter four of my book Unshackled, I realized others faced similar circumstances and I wasn’t alone. Years later, when I become a Christian, I learned to live and grow in my faith. Faith in what God says …

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