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I Knew It Was Wrong

I was at a car dealership last year where I was immediately confronted by an energetic, fast-talking salesperson. I was just there to look and I had no real intention of buying anything, but remember feeling soo pressured. He asked question after question with the real goal of trying to get me into a car for a test drive, which I’ve learned, dramatically increases the chances of a looker like me becoming a buyer. He would not take NO for …

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Why is There So Much Pain?

Recently I was asked, “Why does God allow so much pain to occur in our lives?” I paused before responding sensing she was struggling with pain in her own life. I told her I didn’t have an answer but did have some personal convictions which helps me process pain in a positive way. I shared, I believe pain allows us the chance to express His love to others. God IS LOVE (1 John 4:8) So when I chose to Love …

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Tell the Truth

Have you ever told an innocent lie? Is that even possible? I was recently visiting a local church, when a wildly dressed gentleman asked my opinion of his outfit. Colors didn’t match, way too loud for even the most eccentric of dressers, and he asks “so what do you think?” Without skipping a beat, I began to gloat over how great his clothing choice was. I even asked where he shopped as though I’d planned on heading right over to …

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The Company you keep

We often pattern our lives after what we see in others. I wrestled with that thought after my arrest for the murder my cousin committed. My thoughts turned to that horrible summer night after my arrest as I share in my book Unshackled. Murder, robbery, prostitutes, pimps, drugs and fleeing the police were the consequences that followed my decisions to hangout out with cousin. I had no business being with him in a bar at seventeen, yet I valued my …

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Honor Your Parents

I’ve had the blessing of speaking to groups all around the county, where I share about the faithfulness of God, I witnessed during my thirty-five years in prison. From rebellion to accepting Christ, to learning the servant-leader paradigm, God was always faithful and patient with me. As I spent time reading my Bible, I learned the importance of being faithful in order to influence others to live for Jesus. Often when sharing, I’ll stop and tell parents, “When you say, …

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